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Pastor Ssenyonga evicts radio/TV workers to house pigs


Pastor Ssenyonga evicts radio/TV workers to house pigs

For a number of workers at Christian life church in Bwaise that also houses Top radio and top TV it is a case of lightening striking twice.

For close to a year, a number of them have been demanding salary arrears and this saw them fail to meet their rent obligations wherever they stayed.


In what seemed a good gesture Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of the church offered to accommodate them in seemingly depleted structures adjacent the church with sources saying they were once used as an orphanage.

From a man who had spent months without paying them and also forcing them to pay tithe from the little amount that he paid off the arrears this gesture proved a case of good from far but far from good.

Reason, early this week, the man of God choose pigs over them. The shelter which was housing 51 people in 23 rooms was torn making them homeless.

To a surprise of many, iron sheets were ripped off in the morning, loaded and driven to the Pastor’s pig farm found in Kyembiizi, Matugga.

“I received a phonecall from my colleague about the roofing when I was in town. Just imagine if it was raining the damage levels,” one of the occupants who preferred anonymity noted adding.

“The reason behind the demolition is what beat my understanding because you can’t choose pigs over human beings. And in this case unpaid employees.”

When this website visited the scene, we found employees selling some of their damaged assets as scrap to get transport and go back to the village while others were taking their beddings to the church extension for a night or two as they figure out what next.

The ideal plan of the vast land and the housings that are being demolished is to create a bigger parking lot for the believers.

In a nutshell, the act was the opposite of what Jesus did when he drove demons out of two possessed men and sent them into the herd of pigs.

The above summon paints a clear picture that man is more important than pigs in the eyes of the Creator but for Pastor Ssenyonga, the reverse is true.

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