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Makindye notorious Gang leader arrested, police hunt for his accomplices


Makindye notorious Gang leader arrested, police hunt for his accomplices

Police at Katwe have in custody one Asuman Kavuma a leader of one of the notorious burglary gangs who are terrorizing pedestrians.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson told the media this morning, that cases involving gangs in burglaries and others using motorcycles to rob pedestrians and other road users have increased of recent.

Speaking at the weekly press conference at Naguru police headquarters on Monday, Enanga says they have been cracking down on these criminals.

Kavuma and another member of his gang, one Kanyike John a boda boda rider, whose major role is to facilitate the getaway process after a robbery.

Kanyike and his team lay in wait, to help transport the burglars.

According to Enanga, Kavuma led his gang to terrorize residents of Kisigula Zone, Ngobe A & B zones in Bunamwaya, Katwe, Makindye, Mutundwe and Kajansi.

“These are groups who targeted homes in groups of 10. They would move with machetes, knives. With boda boda riders used for get aways Enanga said.

He added that upon his arrest, Kavuma led the police to several homes for reconstruction of scenes. One of the areas is Kyagulanyi estate in Bunamwaya, where they robbed the home of one Henry Njuye and many others, and stole several household materials.

He also took them to their various premises, where they recovered an assortment of stolen items which can be viewed by residents to identify their own.

The items include; TV sets, Woofers, hand bags and several other electronic gadgets. Police also recovered academic papers of one Nangonzi Angella, a suspected victim of one of these robberies.

Police are still searching for other members of the gangs including one; Ivan a resident of Kavulu zone in Katwe, Gentle of Natete, Sowedi of Masajja, Nsubuga Namutele, Mutundwe, Henry of Ndeeba and the buyer identified as Abu.

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