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Police warn against overcrowding during the festive season


Police warn against overcrowding during the festive season

The police have urged members of the public to stay alert while traveling, or shopping, in a gathering, partying, or celebrating during this festive season.

The call comes 34 days after the twin bombings at CPS and Parliament Avenue.

CP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson says the public should be vigilant against COVID-19 and approach the festive season, with an abundance of cautions. 

“Last week on the 15.12.2021, the country registered 201 new cases of COVID-19.  This shows a slight increase in transmission rates and if we do not follow the health SOPs, we may see a resurgence in COVID-19 infections, very soon” Enanga warned.

He added that it is quite unfortunate that as the country enters the festive season, many people are moving maskless in public, not observing physical distance and or washing hands with soap. 

Enanga told a media briefing on Monday that the other danger is the perception of the public that the new Omicron variant is asymptomatic, mild, and cannot cause severe illness. 

“In addition, many vaccinated persons have a feeling that they are fully protected from any variant, and not observing other SOPs. Although vaccines remain the best way to prevent severe disease and fatalities, it is still advisable to follow other preventive measures, even if you are fully vaccinated” he added.

According to the police spokesperson, it is important to keep gatherings small, avoid crowded or confined places, ensure everyone is in well-ventilated places, by opening windows and doors, hands clean by washing, and using hand sanitizers. 

“This is simply because as people gather to party, celebrate, pray or travel to visit their loved ones, the opportunities for further virus transmission are significant.”

He noted that the public should know that the primary enforcement of the festive season is to ensure a peaceful celebration. 

Therefore, all Territorial commanders have been tasked to ensure the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and SOPs in their areas, as well as the curfew provisions, are fully adhered to. 

“We shall, therefore, respond to all violations by ensuring all COVID-19 offenders and defaulters are handled according to the law.”

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