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Police confirm one death in Komamboga Domestic Terror attack, two others in critical condition


Police confirm one death in Komamboga Domestic Terror attack, two others in critical condition

The police have confirmed that the explosion at Kwata Zone, Komamboga Ward, Kawempe Division, in the Kampala District, was indeed a domestic terror attack intentionally carried out by some unknown persons.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says the facts gathered clearly indicate that 3 men, disguised as customers arrived at the eating point, which belongs to Lule Samuel, at around 8.30 pm.

“One of them was carrying a polyethylene bag, containing unknown items that he placed under the table. The suspects appeared friendly, interacted with other customers, and placed more rounds of bites and drinks for them. They disappeared afterward abandoning their package at the scene. Moments after, the explosion occurred, covering a radius of 5 square meters. This indicates that the suspects ultimately detonated the improvised explosive device, after leaving the scene” Enanga says.

A total of 4 victims who were within the 5-meter radius were affected.

One person identified as Nyinaneza Emily, a 20-year-old waitress at the facility. She succumbed to the deep injuries on her head, back, and left leg. The number of injured persons has been lowered from 7 to 3 after all victims were thoroughly traced.

The three include, Kiconco Annet, Nakitto Rose, and Ssenyonga Peter. Both Peter and Annet are still in critical condition.

“Our teams have checked on them at Mulago Hospital and we wish them quick recovery. We want to thank the first responders who evacuated the victims to the nearest medical centers. The joint team of bomb experts has established that the explosion was out of a crude device, assembled using local materials of nails and other metallic fragments. All indications suggest an act of domestic terror. We do greatly thank all persons who provided valuable tips that have given us good leads, towards the identity of the 3 culprits” Enanga added.  

The task team that comprises experts from the Bomb Squads, Joint Intelligence, Joint Anti-Terrorism units, Kampala Metropolitan, CID, and Operations, are combing a radius of 2kms from the crime scene.

He appealed to all members of the community to remain extra vigilant and always pay much attention, to all forms of movements and suspicious behaviors within their surroundings.

The police spokesperson says that in this very incident, the place was crowded, with low levels of alertness, lacked security measures, and was operating in total disregard of the curfew restrictions. Adding that any business or activity that puts profits before the safety and security of its customers is prone to such kind of attacks. The targeted area is located 8 Kms, in the outskirts of the city, and has over 10 eating points.

Enanga also cautioned the media, especially social media, to stop playing the blame game by pointing fingers following the advisories and terror alerts by the UK and France, which he says were not discriminate in nature and require specific details which were not availed.

“The public should know that matters of security and safety, are not a monopoly for security agencies, but a responsibility of each and every one. As you are all aware, since 2010, we have foiled so many acts of terror and also dismantled several domestic terror cells. Therefore, we should jointly look for solutions aimed at countering such acts of domestic terror. We continue to maintain our levels of security preparedness across the country and focus more on places that attract crowds. As we step up security in these places, we call upon the public to remain vigilant. Just recently, we cracked down on several rebel collaborators, who were undermining the prevailing peace and security in the country. We shall, therefore, work tirelessly and bring all the culprits involved in the bomb attack, to book.”

President Yoweri Museveni in a statement today, promised that the terrorists will be defeated.

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