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Nina Roz And Daddy Andre Are Officially Enemies


Nina Roz And Daddy Andre Are Officially Enemies

Celebrated Ugandan musician Nina Roz real Nina Kankunda has said that it is not easy to date a celebrity, because there are very many challenges involved.

Nina Roz, who separated from fellow singer Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre barely a year after they had officialized their relationship,  says that she regrets why she accepted to date a celebrity, well-knowing that their relationship would always be subject to the limelight.

Nina Roz, who was speaking during an interview on a local TV station, said that; “It’s challenging when both a man and a woman are celebrities. It’s a mixture of pepper and fire but that doesn’t mean the relationship can’t work. People are different. Failing at dating one celebrity doesn’t mean I will be with another. I can give it another shot.”

It should be recalled that soon after their split Nina said of their fallen relationship thus; “I respect what I had with Daddy Andre because I liked it and felt it. The best way is for me not to say anything about it. Now am experiencing lessons that I picked from there. Life is like that, full experiences.”

However, although once bitten is twice shy, Nina Roz added that despite her first attempt at dating a celebrity having failed, she is ready to try it out again at some other time in the future, asserting that currently, she is focusing on making money and building her music career.

“I am now focusing on making money, I cannot think about relationships,” Nina Roz explains.

Nina Roz, who recently dropped a new video titled ‘Kikole’ via Black Market Records, is said to have suffered lots of depression following the collapse of her relationship with  Daddy Andre, whom she had snatched from fellow singer Angella Katatumba.

Although it is alleged that the depression she suffered as a result of Andre breaking her heart drove Nina Roz into drug abuse, she recently came out and trashed the allegations, maintaining that she is a Godly person and drugs are ungodly.

It should be noted however that prior to their separation Nina Roz and Andre had worked on a number of successful music projects top among which were their two collabos ‘Andele’ and ‘Nangana’ which were great hits

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