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Man sentenced to 27 strokes for attempting to rape his sister


Man sentenced to 27 strokes for attempting to rape his sister

Residents of Butsebeni cell in Bubutu town council, in Namisindwa district, are in shock after a 40-year-old man accused of attempting to rape his younger sister was caned 27 strokes.

The unidentified man received a sentence of 27 strokes as punishment for his alleged crime.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident took place on Sunday night during the funeral vigil of Samuel Mangwo, a mentally deranged 22-year-old who had been lynched by an enraged congregation of the Isaa Masiya church.

The churchgoers accused Mangwo of murdering their pastor, 93-year-old John Wamoto, and injuring 81-year-old Agatha Nambuya during a healing prayer session.

Taking advantage of the chaotic atmosphere surrounding the vigil, the accused lured his sister into a nearby banana plantation with the intention of committing incestuous rape.

However, the sister managed to raise an alarm, attracting mourners who rushed to her aid. Unfortunately, the assailant had already torn her clothes.

Following the incident, the Buwambwa-Butsebeni clan summoned the accused to a clan court on Monday morning. As punishment, he was subjected to 40 strokes of the cane.

Sam Muggawu, the publicity secretary of the Buwambwa-Butsebeni clan, strongly condemned the act and urged his fellow clan members to refrain from engaging in incestuous behaviour.

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