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Catholics, Anglicans tasked to accommodate each other as Uganda Martyrs did


Catholics, Anglicans tasked to accommodate each other as Uganda Martyrs did

Christians from different denominations should learn to accommodate each other since Christ left only one Church.

This is in line with the example of the Uganda Martyrs from both the Roman Catholic and Anglican faiths who walked together from Munyonyo to Namugongo where they were killed.

While speaking to Christians who attended the third day of the Uganda Martyrs at Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine-Minor Basilica, former Principle Judge James Ogoola said that despite being from the Anglican faith, he respects the Catholic faith.

Justice James Ogoola giving a talk earlier this evening

He explained that the Church is like a tree which has branches and that the branches are Catholicism, Anglican, and Orthodox among other religions. However, in the end, all of the branches are attached to one tree, which is the ecumenical Church.

Justice Ogoola says that while condemning the martyrs to death, King Mwanga did not care about their religion, and when it was time to die, the killers did not care about their religion.

“The Anglican and Catholic Martyrs walked together from Munyonyo to Namugongo and did not mind. Even when the king called them for judgement, he did not ask to which denomination they belonged, but he judged Christians. When they got to Namugongo and were imprisoned, Mukajanga did not inquire who was catholic or Anglican, and after they were burnt, their ashes mixed, they didn’t separate themselves as per their religions. So, this generation must learn to accommodate each other,” said Justice Ogoola.

He further noted that when King Mwanga ordered the killing of Bishop James Hannington an Anglican, it was Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe a Catholic that condemned what the king was about to do. Balikuddembe spoke in favour of a man he had never met and did not stop to whether he was Catholic or not.

Justice Ogoola says that the world today is divided, even though Church leaders are trying to bring the people together.

“When the Holy Father came for the visit in 2015, he, alongside 7 religious leaders took 7 trees and these were planted at 7 important spots. One was taken to Namungona for the Orthodox two were taken to Namugongo at both Catholic Catholic and Anglican Shrines, the other one went to Paimol for Blessed David Okello and Gildo Irwa, the other to Mucwin for Bishop Luwum and another to Kyando the murder site of Bishop Hannington,” he added.

The former Principal Judge prayed that Christians find things that bring them together more than those that spate.

Justice Ogoola with Fr Richard Nyombi the main celebrant

Meanwhile, the main celebrant for Friday Mass Fr Richard Nyombi agreed with all Justice Ogoola’s submissions but noted that Ugandans should not just tolerate each other, but instead love and respect one another as brothers.

“How are children bringing up children to accommodate others? A brother is not only to tolerate but a brother is to love and respect. In homes, we should not tolerate, but love and respect each other,” said Fr Nyombi.  

Sarah K. Biryomumaisho is a Multimedia journalist (Broadcast & Writing) with 11 years of experience. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Makerere Business Institute and a Certificate in Media Management from Women in News. She completed a Course in Wikimedia in 2020, making her one of the very few Wikipedia Editors in the country. She also has a certificate in Gender Justice Reporting from The International Women's Media Foundation, IWMF. She has worked with a number of media houses including 6 Radio stations, most recently Galaxy fm 100.2 & Radio 4. She has worked with Andariya Magazine as a writer. Sarah worked as a Digital Communications consultant for the newly revived Uganda Airlines and is also a Digital enthusiast. She owns a Media Organization called TheUgPost that publishes in Uganda and has a global reach. Twitter;

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