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We won’t resort to violence like Museveni- Kyagulanyi rules out going to the bush


We won’t resort to violence like Museveni- Kyagulanyi rules out going to the bush

Former Presidential candidate on the National Unity platform, NUP party ticket Robert Kyagulanyi says he will not resort to violence after withdrawing the presidential election petition.

While addressing party members and the press at the party head offices in Kamwokya on Monday, Kyagulanyi said that when President Museveni lost at election to Obote in 1980, he petitioned the Supreme Court, but withdrew the case midway and later chose violence by waging a war.

Kyagulanyi says he will just take the petition to the Court of the people and they won’t engage in violence.

 “We have told you before and we are telling you again, we are going to take this matter to the Court of the people. The people of Uganda are going to have the final say in matters concerning their destiny. After what Obote did with 1980 election, Mr Museveni went to the Supreme Court, but he had to abandon that case because the Judiciary was just as it is today. So Museveni seems to have been a good student of Obote” Kyagulanyi said.

He added that they will be informing people of their next step, which does not involve violence. “We have instructed our lawyers from Mr. Owiny Dollo’s Court because it seems like that is not a court to give Ugandans justice.”

Tongues had started waging that the withdraw would be followed by violent protests which many have termed as plan B.

Kyagulanyi had petitioned the 9-member Supreme Court panel seeking an annulment of the January 14th 2021 Presidential election that was won by the incumbent, President Yoweri Museveni.

According to the NUP party president, they had a lot of evidence that was blocked by a biased Judiciary, forcing them to withdraw the case.  He however insists they had wanted to expose the Judiciary as working for Mr. Museveni, and this goal has been achieved.

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