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Speaker among Commends President Museveni for Assenting to Anti-Homosexuality Act


Speaker among Commends President Museveni for Assenting to Anti-Homosexuality Act

In fulfillment of his constitutional responsibilities, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has signed the Anti-Homosexuality Act into law.

The Speaker of Parliament Anitah Among says that MPs were echoing the sentiments of the people when they overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill that they argue is a measure to protect the sanctity of the family and preserve Ugandan culture.

“By assenting to the Anti-Homosexuality Act, President Museveni has upheld the constitutional provisions outlined in Article 91 (3) (a),” says Among.

She says that the house, in response to the concerns expressed by citizens, addressed the need to safeguard family values, as emphasized in Article 31 of the Ugandan Constitution.

The speaker also argues that the legislation aligns with national objectives and directive principles of state policy, specifically objectives 19 and 24, which aim to protect and preserve the cultural aspirations of the nation.

She further commends its Members of Parliament for demonstrating resilience and resolve in the face of external pressure and what she terms as unfounded conspiracy theories.

“Their actions exemplify the parliamentarians’ dedication to upholding Uganda’s motto: “For God and our Country.”

According to the law, a life sentence in prison shall be given to an individual convicted of committing the offence of homosexuality.

All together, Museveni signed 6 bills into law, and these are:

  1. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023
  2. Museums & Monuments Bill 2022
  3. The Public Health Amendment Bill 2022
  4. The Markets Bill 2022
  5. Microfinance Deposits taking Institutions Amendment Bill
  6. The Law Reform (Miscellaneous Amendments)

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