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Police Search for Missing Inspector of Schools in Bugiri District


Police Search for Missing Inspector of Schools in Bugiri District

Busoga East police are intensifying their search for David Tenywa, the Inspector of Schools in Bugiri district, who has been reported missing since Saturday. According to sources, Tenywa was allegedly kidnapped from his farm in Nandelema village, Kapyanga sub-county.

Authorities discovered Tenywa’s abandoned vehicle, a Toyota Premio with the registration number UAP 980R, at his farm. Concern grew when Tenywa failed to return home, leading his family to initially believe he was on a work-related trip. However, it was soon revealed that he was actually missing.

Martin Kisule, the Bugiri Chief Administrative Officer, expressed his concern over the situation. He stated that Tenywa’s supervisors initially assumed he was unwell and unable to answer their phone calls. But when they sent a staff member to check on him, Tenywa’s family revealed they had no knowledge of his whereabouts.

The family promptly contacted the police, who then investigated Tenywa’s farm. During the inspection, authorities discovered both of Tenywa’s phones. Additionally, they learned that two anonymous individuals had contacted the family, demanding a ransom for Tenywa’s safe return.

Steven Mugero, the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer of Bugiri and a close friend of Tenywa, stated that it was not surprising that unknown individuals targeted him while he was visiting his farm during evening hours.

Diana Nandawula, the Busoga East Police Spokesperson, provided further details on the ongoing investigation. She revealed that the suspected kidnappers initially demanded a ransom of 10 Million Shillings from Tenywa’s relatives. However, the amount has now been increased to 20 Million Shillings, accompanied by threats to harm Tenywa if the money is not delivered promptly.

Nandawula also mentioned that it is suspected that Tenywa was abducted alongside two of his casual laborers, who the kidnappers are using to make contact with the family for ransom negotiations.

The police spokesperson urged members of the public to provide any relevant information that could aid the investigation. She assured the community that specialized police teams equipped with GPS technologies have been assigned to track down the suspects believed to be operating within the area. Authorities remain hopeful that the victim will be safely rescued.

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