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Nine people killed in Kisoro Landslides- Red Cross


Nine people killed in Kisoro Landslides- Red Cross

Nine people have been confirmed dead following landslides that hit Kisoro on Monday night.

According to the Red Cross, 8 bodies have been retrieved. The 9th body is said to be of a child that was killed while fleeing the landslides and it is yet to be retrieved.

Four of the deceased are from Kabale and Rukeri villages, while five are from Buzeyi village.

A team from Red Cross Kisoro branch reported a flooding occurrence in Nyarusiza due to heavy rainfall last evening. Other communities affected include Rukeri Batwa community Village, Gitenderi Parish Nyarusiza Sub County Kisoro District.

Houses were destroyed and several residents were trapped. The rescue teams rushed to the affected areas and immediately started working with members of the community, UPDF, the Police, District Disaster Management Committee (Kisoro DDMC) led by the RDC to help those that were trapped.

“A number of houses have been destroyed, some are submerged & some roads are inaccessible due to heavy stones, and mud. Our team continues to work alongside the community and Government Responders to support the affected community” a statement from Red Cross reads.

Elly Maate the Police spokesperson for Kigezi Region identifies the deceased as

  1. Muhawenimana Gerida, f/a, 4yrs.
  2. Ngabire Ivan, m/j, 2yrs children of Kiiza Ivan Felesiano,
  3. Uwizeyimana Claudine, f/a, 30yrs, Rwandese and
  4. Ntizandekura, f/j, 5yrs, d/o Uwizeyimana all residents of Buzeyi village Kolanya trading centre Lukongi parish Nyarusiza sub county.
  5. Nyiransaba, f/a, 30yrs, mufumbira, wife of Bunani.
  6. Musingize Marrion, f/j, 2yrs d/o Nyiransaba residents of Kabere village Rukongi parish
  7. Mfite Rafiki, m/j, 5yrs.
  8. Mukamusoni, f/j, 4yrs children of Sekabanza residents of Rukere village Gitendere parish Nyarusiza s/c..

Eradukunda Joshua, m/j, 11yrs s/o Nsenga John of Buzeyi village is still missing.

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