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Muslim leaders to summon Kalungu LCV Chairman for touching pigs


Muslim leaders to summon Kalungu LCV Chairman for touching pigs

The Muslim community in Kalungu district is up in arms against Ahmed Nyombi Mukiibi, the LC 5 Chairman for flouting Islamic principles and distributing pigs.

Mukiibi’s issues started when he was seen physically handing pigs to beneficiaries under the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) program at the district headquarters in Kaasabale village on Monday.  

The chairman, who is also Muslim carried the pigs one by one as he handed them over to the respective beneficiaries.

When attacked, Mukiibi defended his action, saying that he had to lead by example and ensure the pigs reach the right people. 

Adding that as a politician it was okay to demonstrate to his electorate that he serves people of different religions and that development should not be impeded by religious beliefs whatsoever. 

Mukiibi highlighted the value of pigs to the agricultural sector and food security.    

However, the Muslim community has castigated the act saying it was not only a violation of Islam principles but also an insult. 

According to Sheikh Badru Wasajja Kiruuta the Kadhi Kalungu District and former Imaam of Mariam Mosque in Lukaya town council, it is an abomination to touch and eat pork in the Islamic faith. 

He says Mukiibi went too far by touching the swine knowing that it was forbidden in the Islamic faith.  

This was supported by Sheikh Kiruuta who revealed that initially, some Muslims had applied for the pigs through the OWC but they cautioned them against yearning for the pigs, saying it contravenes Islam. Sheikh Kiruuta says they intend to summon Mukiibi to explain why he carried the pigs yet he is one of the top Muslim figures in the district.          

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