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Government to focus on household financial empowerment


Government to focus on household financial empowerment

Ugandans, especially the youth have been urged to urgently embrace the available wealth creation opportunities as a meand of walking out of poverty.

The call was made by Hon Judith Nabakooba (MP) the minister for ICT and National Guidance on Sunday.

She urged local leaders to follow the President’s directive to ensure

that the youth are guided on how to access these resources.

Addressing the press on Sunday, Nabakooba said that some of the resources like Emyoga, youth livelihood funds and others may require the beneficiaries to organize themselves in groups or SACCOS.

“It is the duty of district and subcounty officials to ensure

that their communities are well sensitized and mobilized on

what to do. I call upon the youth especially at the subcounty level to

reach out to your Community Development Officials and

demand to be guided on what to do” she noted.

Adding that wealth creation is going to be the main focus for

government in the next five years and therefore no one

should be left behind.

According to the President’s directive, operation wealth

creation has a target of 3million house holds per year, meaning they will all be covered by the end of the new term in office.

She called upon all development partners to respect Uganda’s democracy and internal decisions, arguing that international cooperation is based on mutual respect for each other with the understanding that no one is superior

from the other.


Police and all other agencies will provide a detailed update about all individuals who were arrested, before, during and after the General elections.

Nabakoona says that prior to the period leading to the just concluded elections, security forces carried out a number of arrests, following intelligence reports about planned activities that were going to cause chaos during and after the elections.

While addressing the nation on Saturday, H.E Yoweri Museveni instructed security forces to give an update about these arrests, arguing that this will enable the country to get a detailed

account of who was arrested and for what reason.

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