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FDC Calls for every Ugandan to be granted National Identification Card without delays


FDC Calls for every Ugandan to be granted National Identification Card without delays

The Forum for Democratic Change, FDC Party wants every Ugandan to be granted a National Identification Card, to help with security and travel.

While addressing the media at Najjanankumbi on Monday, John Kikonyogo said the government should visit villages and hand IDs to all Ugandans, instead of making Ugandans register and wait years before obtaining one.

He noted that several foreigners are gifted Ugandan National IDs, instead of helping their own.

“A few days ago we watched videos of the arrest of the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Muganga, and the spokesperson of the army Brig. Gen. Byekwaso said he was arrested for an illegal stay in Uganda. As FDC, this arrest helps us to interrogate very pertinent issues such as Uganda National Identity Card. Dr. Muganga had a Ugandan National ID, so we are interrogating, how did someone get a National ID and stay in Uganda illegally?” Kikonyogo wondered.

He added that; “We as FDC believe that every Ugandan should be given a National ID, instead of giving them to these foreigners. Government should go to villages, record Ugandans, and give them the IDs.”

Kikonyogo says that the National Identity card should not be a privilege for the chosen few.

He says that when Ugandans travel with National IDs to Kenya via Busia, they just need to hand over their IDs and they are processed within the shortest time, for them to continue with their journey. However, many Ugandans are missing out on such travels, because obtaining an ID is the hardest thing to process.

Kikonyogo says that several foreigners including criminals have Ugandan National IDs, yet pure Ugandans living here at home, even with birthrights, have to suffer and even wait years to get them.

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