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Bobi Wine arrested after nomination- Video


Bobi Wine arrested after nomination- Video

The Natuional Unity Platform Party president Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine has been arrested, moments after he was duly nominated for presidency in the upcoming 2021 general election.

Bobi was whiosked away to an unknown location, following the arrest outside the kyambogo nomination centre.

Kyagulanyi was nominated on Tuesday morning despite arriving late at the nomination venue. EC Chairperson Justice Simon Mugenyi Byabakama castigated the NUP leader for coming later and eating into the time of other aspirants.

Speaking after his nomination, Kyagulanyi said it is time to start acting and that the time for complaining is over. He thanked his supporters for their continued to stand with him.

“I take this opportunity to announce that what we are witnessing right now is the launch of a very critical phase in our struggle to liberate ourselves from a dictatorship which has crippled our country for almost 4 decades” Kyagulanyi said.

He also noted that they have started a journey to liberate Uganda from a dictatorship which has strangled the economy with corruption, patronage, high cost of living, a sick healthcare system.

“For a very long time now, we have lamented about the government which works for only the few and excludes the majority. Well, today we close the book of lamentations and open the book of acts. It is time for action, action that will put an end to the injustices” Kyagulanyi added.

He becomes the fourth presidential candidate to be nominated, after three Military Generals; Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa Kaguta, Tumukunde Henry and Mugisha Muntu Gregg who were nominated yesterday.

Kyagulanyi noted that he represents the youth who are hard working yet have no way to break the yolk of oppression.

“I represent the youths that work so hard but don’t have means of production, no land, and capital and they have limited or no opportunities. I am representing the section, the vast majority who are oppressed, yearning for freedom, I am representing the journalist who cannot even peacefully practice their work without being harassed and beaten by the regime. I am representing the health workers who are paid peanuts for doing incredible work” Kyagulanyi said.

The NUP leader who is expected to launch the party Manifesto for 2021-2026 later today, was however arrested outside the nomination centre minutes ago.

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