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Vinka Drops New Hit Jam ‘All Over You’


Vinka Drops New Hit Jam ‘All Over You’

Vinka, the sensational hit maker of Ugandan music, has quietly but confidently risen to the top, leaving her mark on the industry. When music enthusiasts gather to discuss chart-topping hits, Vinka’s name is always front and center.

Her undeniable talent and consistent string of certified hits make her a force to be reckoned with. With her mesmerizing track, “Bailando,” Vinka dominated the charts for an unprecedented 16 weeks, firmly securing the number one spot. And her recent collaboration, “Chekecha,” became another smash hit, reigning supreme on the charts for several weeks in a row.


But Vinka’s immense talent extends beyond creating chart-toppers. She is also a captivating live performer, leaving audiences in awe with her unforgettable performances. Whether it’s captivating a crowd at large stages or dazzling fans at iconic events like Blankets and Wines, Vinka has solidified her status as not just a hit maker, but as a top-tier entertainer.

Kind reminder, Vinka’s journey from a manager and dancer to a chart-topping sensation and stellar performer is a testament to her unwavering dedication and raw talent. Her latest masterpiece, “All Over You,” showcases her evolution and is poised to conquer the charts and dominate the airwaves.

Produced by the skilled Banga Boy from Swangz Avenue and crafted by the talented Yesse Oman Rafiki, the vibrant and captivating music video, directed by Swangz Avenue’s Marvin Musoke, features the talented Ghetto Kids, adding another layer of excitement to this already sensational track. Fans can now enjoy “All Over You” on every streaming platform, immersing themselves in Vinka’s infectious energy and undeniable talent.


Vinka’s rise to stardom in the Ugandan music scene is a testament to her hard work, unstoppable talent, and magnetic presence. As she continues to captivate audiences with her hits and electrifying performances, there’s no doubt that Vinka is a true star on the rise, destined for global stages and greatness in the world of music and entertainment.

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