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Ugandan roads; Roads leading to hell!- Opinion


Ugandan roads; Roads leading to hell!- Opinion


Using a Ugandan road these days seems like traveling to hell.  Actually, travelling to hell would be a better idea.

By taxi, or any other means by road,  on a Ugandan road, Is juxtaposed to dancing the traditional kinyankole dance, “ekitagururo”.

Potholes everywhere, accompanied by huge manholes. During the rainy season, the only thing that can save you on a Ugandan road especially in the city centre is “Noah’s Ark”. The potholes create “crater Lake”  look alike structures.

A friend of mine jokingly told me the potholes on Ugandan roads were making women’s breasts stretch to what he  termed as “socks”.

One thing one should know before or while traveling from a Ugandan domestic road is “eat and drink at your own risk”. Sipping your jesa milk or rwenzori mineral water, spilling whatever drink it may be is automatic. Not for the pit like potholes the vehicle hits. Eating your cake, roasted maize? Hmmmm! It ends up dropping beneath the car seats. These potholes are no joke!

One of the impassable roads. Image by NTV Uganda

One memory that Ugandan roads have plastered in my brains is the day I hit my damn head on the roof of a taxi. On 27th November 2020, on a trip to kasese, a taxi I was traveling in hit a pothole as I was enjoying my favorite jams on the phone via my headsets. Before I knew it, my hairless head, which I had shaved a few days ago hit the taxi roof. I couldn’t cry, I would have. Thank God no one noticed me, except a neighbor besides me. He was a victim too!  Lol!

What a crime it is being tall! Especially on a Ugandan road!

All the same, we are happy. With this steady progress, we are surely securing our future!


The author is a scholar of language and literature at Kampala University. He is also a freelance writer.

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