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Two Hippopotamuses sentenced to death in Amuru


Two Hippopotamuses sentenced to death in Amuru

Two hippopotamuses are set to be put to death after the Amuru district chairman Michael Lakony sentenced them to death.

The animals are accused of destroying people’s food crops and killing domestic animals in the area for two years since they invaded Gaya Parish in Pabo Sub County.

The residents claim their complaints to the Uganda Wildlife Authority to control the two hippos fell on deaf ears, prompting them to petition the the District Chairperson who pronounced a death sentence that should be carried out as soon as possible.

Residents welcomed the death sentence, with some claiming they lost several animals and their crops. The hippos had allegedly killed 4 cows, 10 goats and destroyed over 20 acres of food crops along River Unyama banks since May 2019.

The Amuru district LCV chairperson Lakony argues that they have written to Uganda Wildlife Authority on several occasions to come to their rescue but nothing.   

Lakony noted that the wild animals have been wreaking havoc and the community has been told to hunt and kill the animals since UWA has failed to come to the rescue of the local people.


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