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Parents warned about increased trafficking in persons’ cases


Parents warned about increased trafficking in persons’ cases

Parents must protect their children from strangers who could harm them and be mindful of gadgets their children are using during this lock down.

Since January 2020, the office of the Director Public Prosecution has received more than 303 trafficking in person cases and nearly all internal since the country has been under lock.

Agnes Igoye a Senior Immigration Officer told the press at Uganda Media centre this morning, that of the 303 cases registered, only 32 convictions have happened 56 are being cleared while the rest are still under investigation.

She warns that most of the perpetrators are relatives and neighbors and parents must be cautious. She warns that during the online classes, children must be supervised so as not to be contacted by traffickers.

“Many times its people you know because many people have been stuck at home. A trafficker is not that ugly person you don’t know, it can be a parent, your friend, somebody in authority, so we have to be vigilant and be on a look out because our children are vulnerable” Igoye said.

She warned parents against being silent when such crimes take place.

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