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Stay in your villages; President Museveni tells Ugandans to avoid unnecessary movements to Kampala, Wakiso Districts


Stay in your villages; President Museveni tells Ugandans to avoid unnecessary movements to Kampala, Wakiso Districts

Ugandans should follow all standard Operating Procedures to avoid catching COVID-19, which is spreading like wild fire in Kampala and Wakiso districts. During a National address broadcast on all TV and Radio stations this evening, President Yoweri Museveni noted that the situation is not too bad, if Ugandans could wake up.

The President also noted that the Geographical spread of the disease indicates that areas in Eastern, Western and Northern Uganda do not have cases, except for Kampala and Wakiso.

“It shows, that much of the country, there’s no Corona. The blue means there is no case reported, white means 1-5 and where there is yellow, it is 6-25. In the map which I have here, it shows that the whole of Western side, there are no cases, the whole of Eastern and Victoria, there are no cases or very few, the cluster of cases somehow in the North East I think towards Karamoja there is some cases there. But the purple is Kampala Wakiso, that’s where you have 100-831” the president said.

He therefore called upon Ugandans who are in the villages to remain there and avoid any unnecessary travels to Kampala and Wakiso, in order to avoid catching the virus.

“If you are not doing serious work, not trading, do not come to Kampala, don’t come to Wakiso. Stay in your villages. Because your villagesz are safe, it is Kampala and Wakiso that are full of Corona because people do not listen. So, if you are not a trader, don’t come to see your children, postpone all that and stay where you are” the President noted.

While many Ugandans anticipated a lockdown, President Museveni said that the taskforce will meet next week to get a detailed report, which he will in turn address the nation before end of next week.

He explained that the new infections are too serious, and that data captured on 25th May 2021 indicated that only 5 people were asymptomatic while those mild are 59 and severe 59 too, moderate 21, critical 09.

The president says government was successful in controlling the disease by minimizing infections last year. He however says that this may be a problem with the second wave as the number will likely be more than what health facilities can afford.

“Next week after our National Taskforce, we shall go into the details of the dos and the don’ts and when we do that, I expect everybody to cooperate” the president said.

Mr. Museveni also warned against corrupt police officers who misuse the guidelines.

“I’m also told that these policemen are corrupt, that when we say enforce guidelines, they also misuse them. But that’s curable, we are going to arrest them. I will put my agents in the population and those who are corrupt, we shall get them” the president said.

He appealed to Ugandans not to wait for the guidelines to be repeated for them, but rather wear masks, sanitize and avoid unnecessary trtavels among others.

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