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Police Update on Journalist Hadad’s death


Police Update on Journalist Hadad’s death

Update on investigations into Kanyanya Police station CRB 029/21

Police are investigating a murder case of Mubiru Hadad, a former journalist of Red Pepper and currently with BTM and Kato Hussein alias Kabalansi, which occurred in Kanyanya quater zone at around 2000hrs on 6th/02/2021.

It’s alleged that the deceased, Mubiru, was moving with his four friends and along the way they met a woman whom they allegedly wanted to rob. The an unidentified woman made an alarm, which attracted Kato Hussein alias Kabalansi to come to her rescue.

Kato started fighting Mubiru with his colleagues.

When he saw that he was overpowered, Kato made an alarm, which prompted the four to run away as he remained battling Mubiru alone.

So, Mubiru was overpowered by Kato. Mubiru information with the police is that he also made an alarm and his colleagues, who had run away, came back to his rescue.

They all ganged up and started beating Kato, but he escaped and took off.

Kato would later run to his home where he told the wife of what had happened.

His wife called a Special Police Constable Fred Sempala, who is attached at Kanyanya Police Station about the incident.

SPC Sempala proceeded to the scene and arranged to take Kato to Kisansa Clinic in Kanyanya.

He was pronounced dead on arrival.

A case of murder was entered under CRB 029/21, and a team of homicide personnels and scene of crime officers visited the scene.

The bodies were taken to the city mortuary for further investigation. 

Meanwhile on the case of Mubiru, according to an eyewitness, he was seen in the night dragging himself towards the nearby compound of Lydia Bisirikirwa where he later died from.

The scene was revisited by the regional team headed by Regional Police Commander and the divisional team at around 0900hrs on the 8th day of February 2021.

It was established that the cause of the fight was from an unidentified woman whom they attempted to rob and made an alarm where Kato came to rescue but was also beaten up.

It has been established that two people died because of the fight,  one called Mubiru Hadad and Kato Hussein aka Kabalansi.

At the scene, the body was found lying down prone with stiffness and partly feasted on by red ants and adjacent to the compound of Lydia Bisirikirwa.

It was also observed that the deceased had dreadlocks with beards, was in a short sleeved T-shirt, an orange like in colour with wordings/symbols of an anchor and a pair of soiled blackJean pair of trousers.

On a search, a brown black coloured wallet was recovered and was empty.

More details to be communicated.

Asp Luke Owoyesigyire

Deputy PRO KMP


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