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PLE dominates cases of malpractice record


PLE dominates cases of malpractice record


The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has revealed that Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) dominated cases of malpractice recorded this year. It is reported that although the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) exams are in the second week, 60 percent of the cases of exam malpractice involve PLE.

According to Jennifer Kalule, the Principal of Public Relations of UNEB, they have been shocked by the huge number of PLE malpractice cases recorded in just two days especially the cases of impersonation. PLE was done between November 8 and 9, 2023 but in two days, 15 cases of malpractice were recorded leading to the arrest of more than 30 people.

“A total of 25 cases pertaining to examination malpractice both at UCE and PLE level were reported and are being investigated. Ten of these cases are in respect to UCE while 15 are in respect of PLE. Some of the suspects are out on bond as investigations continue,” Kalule said.

Some of the PLE cases include impersonation as well as aiding and abetting malpractice which took place at Luti Primary School where five boys were hired to sit exams for the candidates who were deemed unable to pass on their own.

The suspects include Elvis Limisa 17, Ivan Sekajugo 15, Rogers Kakumba 17, Peter Luyiga 13, and Pius and Lwasa 16. Police have since established that they were sitting for William Mubanguzi, Pius Lwasa, Alan Mufumbi, Henry Kanaabi, and Fadiga Kakeeto.

“On November 8th, the impersonators were found in possession of school identification cards which were not in their names, and neither did the photographs belong to them. Three of the impersonators were in Primary Six at the same (Luti) Primary School, one was from Senior One in a neighboring school, and another from a vocational institute,” Kyotera detectives’ reports read in part.

Investigations show that Limisa was from a vocational institute, Kakumba was from a neighboring secondary school and Sekajugo, Luyiga, and Lwasa were from Luti Primary School. The impersonators, according to UNEB, were spotted by an inquisitive scout who secretly notified the police.

“The police responded immediately and effected the arrest of the impersonators and the head teacher, who hired them, one Atanasias Mutesasira. The six appeared in court and were remanded,” Kalule said. Still, in PLE, 12 people were arrested by Kanyanya police under the Kawempe division for the loss and misuse of examination papers.

Police investigations have revealed that the suspects on the eve of the exams tempered with a UNEB security packaging containing science PLE examination papers. Police and UNEB say the suspects at His Grace Primary School, Kanyanya removed two science papers of PLE, photocopied them, and shared them on different platforms. The police, Kalule explained, were alerted by a whistleblower.

“Police appeared in good time and arrested the culprits. It was established that there was an exchange of money between the Director or Head Teacher of His Grace P/S, Kanyanya, the scouts, and the Chief Invigilator who permitted the destruction of the security packaging,” UNEB said.

Police and UNEB have extolled members of the public who have been involved in ensuring the integrity of exams is maintained by reporting suspected malpractice cases. The UNEB Act states “Anyone who commits an offense of examination malpractice, if convicted, is liable to a fine between 20m-40m Shillings, or a term of imprisonment between 5-10 years, depending on the offense.”

UACE candidates have been warned not to engage in examination malpractice as for they will be prosecuted since they are mature enough to face trial on their own. UNEB and Police have said, unlike PLE and UCE where the offenses have been slapped on teachers, scouts, invigilators, and others since they were regarded as minors, Senior Six candidates are 18 and above and thus able to be in the dock for trial.

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