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Newly promoted senior police officers urged to value their subordinates


Newly promoted senior police officers urged to value their subordinates

Jesse Kamunanwire, the Police Director for Human Resource Management has stressed the importance of appreciating junior officers.  

Kamunanwire made the call during today’s pipping ceremony for police officers who were promoted to the ranks of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Commissioner of Police, and Senior Commissioner of Police.

He noted that several factors are considered when promoting an individual, with the ability to lead subordinates being of utmost importance. He emphasized that if junior officers perceive someone as a poor leader, they cannot be considered for promotion due to their lack of leadership skills.

Furthermore, the promoted officers were reminded to show respect towards their spouses and family members, as their support is crucial for the effective execution of their duties within the police force.

For those officers who have not yet been promoted, Kamunanwire and the Inspector General of Police, Martin Okoth Ochola, encouraged them to remain hopeful and continue working diligently. They stressed that promotions are not merely handed out but must be earned through hard work and dedication.

“Promotions are earned. It is through the various achievements you have made that you earn recognition. Promotions come with added responsibility; therefore, you must redouble your efforts, maintain professionalism, and strive for efficiency. You are accountable, and it requires unwavering devotion,” stated AIGP Kamunanwire.

Senior Commissioner of Police Bazil Mugisha, reflecting on his promotion, acknowledged that many officers had given up hope of advancement. He cited the example of two police constables who had been in service for 44 years but were now promoted to the rank of corporal.

This year, a total of 10,915 police officers have been promoted, with at least 1,603 of them attaining senior ranks. IGP Ochola revealed that over 15,000 police officers have been promoted in the past two years.

He explained that the backlog in promotions originated from the 2016 promotions, which were marred by allegations of fraud and rapid promotions for recently joined officers.

As a result, the Inspectorate of Government launched an investigation, leading to the suspension of all promotions in the police force. The absence of promotions for five years had significantly demoralized many officers.

However, IGP Ochola assured officers that promotions will now be conducted annually, promising a more regular and transparent process going forward.


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