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LOP Mpuuga calls for indictment of Mukono LCV Chairperson


LOP Mpuuga calls for indictment of Mukono LCV Chairperson

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba, has urged the Mukono District Speaker and the council to take action against the LCV Chairperson, Rev. Peter Bakaluba Mukasa, for his failure to establish the District Service Commission.

Mpuuga, who is currently conducting an oversight tour in the Greater Mukono districts, was responding to concerns raised by Betty Nambooze, the Member of Parliament for Mukono Municipality, who accused the district chairperson of prioritizing personal interests over public needs.

Over the past two years, the district has been operating without a functioning District Service Commission, a crucial body responsible for appointing and promoting civil servants.

Nambooze informed the Leader of the Opposition that the district and municipality are facing significant employment gaps in various sectors, including roads, hospitals, schools, and administration.

The lack of certified engineers and the absence of proper public service structures have hindered the district’s ability to access allocated road funds.

Due to the absence of a service commission, the district has returned 1.2 billion Shillings, which had been allocated for staff recruitment, to the consolidated funds.

Mpuuga expressed his agreement with Nambooze’s concerns and emphasized that the chairperson should separate personal interests from public duty.

As the Deputy Principal for the National Unity Platform in Charge of the Buganda Region, he vowed to support the district in addressing any legal needs that arise. He also pledged to summon the chairperson for mismanagement of the district.

If the district chairperson is indicted and subsequently found guilty of incompetence, the council has the authority to vote him out of office. However, the chairperson has not been available to respond to the raised concerns as he has been unreachable and absent from the office.

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