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Impartial legal App Set To Connects Customers With digital lawyers


Impartial legal App Set To Connects Customers With digital lawyers

The use of technology in almost every aspect and sphere in Uganda has grown over the years but the legal fraternity had somewhat been left behind. This was more highlighted by lawyers carrying voluminous truckloads of evidence and files to courtrooms.

Impartial World is an App and web-based platform that enables users to access professional legal services and information instantly and conveniently. Through the platforms, the user can consult a lawyer online, find an experienced lawyer within their radius, and stay informed on their legal rights by watching free info-videos, listening to podcasts, and reading regular blogs on various legal issues.

The idea was developed because of the evident lack of a clear client-lawyer path that made access to legal services very challenging, not to mention the lack of legal of legal information made many people to avoid seeking legal services due to the common perception that legal services can cost a leg and an arm when some legal matters can even be settled with just a letter.

According to Martin Oneka from Impartial says that the dynamics in the legal tech industry are brought about by the pressure from clients on traditional to deliver more at less cost and higher quality. This goes with the advent of reforms in the legal market, especially those pushed by new technological development and now the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought about isolation.

More law firms and lawyers are adopting technology to delivery of services like legal document automation; we now have court proceedings being held virtually. There’s increased penetration of technology in the country, there’s over 23 million internet users according to UCC, majority being mobile users. Therefore, the legal industry is experiencing a shift in delivery of services caused by these three main factors; the ‘more-for-less’ challenge, liberalization, and technology.

Impartial World they solve the problem of access to meaningful justice, the access to justice gap, as I cited earlier is very big, and part of the recommendations were that there’s need to use new innovative ways to improves access to justice the world over.

And they currently have over 1,000 users on the App, our reach is global, and we have handled cases from as far as Malaysia, the Middle East, USA, West Africa and Europe.

Who are Impartial World?

Impartial World is focused on convenience. The  App and Web platform enables the user to access a wide range of professional services instantly and conveniently offered by both blue collar and white collar service providers; engineers, doctors, mechanics, salon owners etc. The platform also enables the user to consult a service provider using our chat feature, have direct payments for services provided. The platform also provides blog articles and videos that inform a user about the different services.

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