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Government lifts lock down on massage parlors, gyms as bars remain closed


Government lifts lock down on massage parlors, gyms as bars remain closed

The ministry of health has called for observance of the Standard Operation Procedures, SOPs as the number of Ugandans succumbing to COVID-19 surges.

According to the health minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, 9 health workers have so far succumbed to the disease, while 971 others have contracted the virus.

The minister adds that their data shows that most of these health workers got infected through their interactions with the communities and not necessarily in the line of duty.

“I would like to appeal to all our health workers to wear personal protective equipment, PPEs and follow Infection, Prevention and Control, IPC measures at all times. Please remember, as much as your patients need you, your family needs you as well” the minister warned.

In a report released on Monday November 09 2020, the minister explained that the country had 14,574 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 7,771 recoveries and 133 deaths as of Sunday November 08 2020. The 133 deaths represent a 1% case fatality rate.

On 6th November, the Ministry reported 14 new deaths which had occurred in a space of 4 days that is from 2nd to 6th November. Dr. Aceng also says that 13 out of 14 of the deceased were male and 90% were in the category of the vulnerable population i.e 50 years and above.

“Whereas we have noticed more mortalities in this age group, please be reminded that we have lost people to COVID-19 in all age groups including 20 year olds. COVID-19 affects everyone of all age, tribe and anyone is prone to progressing to severe form of the disease” Dr. Aceng added.

She noted that this sends a strong message to everyone; do not take lightly the preventive measures, it is important to adhere to the SOPs set by government in order to protect yourself and loved ones.

Dr. Aceng also said that with the current trend of infected cases increasing daily, the health system is overwhelmed and overstretched as they continue to admit more patients with severe forms of COVID-19.

She however says that in light of information provided to the National Task Force, it has directed her ministry to inform the general public that Churches can now have up to 200 worshipers at a time as long as they keep a distance of 2 meters, wear face masks and follow all the other SOPs.

Political rallies are also set to follow the same guidelines of hosting 200 people at a time. The minister however advised candidates to avoid the use of open car roofs and waving to the crowds while moving as such acts attract mass gatherings which may be in the excess of 200.

While Casinos and other gaming outlets, gyms, mobile markets, Cinema halls and Massage parlors have been allowed to re-open, bars and discotheques are to remain closed until further notice.

According to the minister, in countries that have proceeded to a second lock down phase, bars and discotheques have been identified as focal areas of spread. She noted that considering the phase of the epidemic Uganda is in, with the rising cases and deaths in urban areas, suspension on bars and discotheques will continue.

“The ministry of health will re-evaluate these activities in due course, in the interim, the owners are advised to explore other business like restaurants attached to their premises, which are safer” the minister noted.

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