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Government cracks down on child exploitation, 88 women to serve community work


Government cracks down on child exploitation, 88 women to serve community work

88 women found guilty of using children to beg for money on the streets of Kampala, Moroto, and other towns will undergo community work in government facilities in Napak district. The women will be assigned tasks such as slashing and general cleaning.

Simon Mundeyi, the Spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, informed the press at Naguru police headquarters on Monday morning that the government conducted an operation resulting in the arrest of women who send children to beg for school fees, food, and other necessities.

“We observed individuals behind these children who collect the money in the evening. We witnessed this around Namuwongo. 6 children were arrested and put somewhere. Unbeknownst to them, they were under surveillance. In the evening, a vehicle arrived, and the children boarded it. We tracked it to a residence in Namuwongo and found that the children report to these women and hand over the money,” said Mundeyi.

He clarified that the 88 offenders received sentences of community service as it was considered a minor offense. They will primarily be taken to Napak district to serve their sentences, where they will engage in tasks such as slashing around district facilities, government hospitals, and schools, among other government installations.

The offenders will undertake unpaid labor for their committed offenses. In Uganda, the directorate of community service operates under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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