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Father in trouble for sodomizing his 19-month-old son


Father in trouble for sodomizing his 19-month-old son

A 22-year-old father identified as Ogadia John Robert a resident of SAPIR village in Serere district has been charged with Aggravated Defilement & having unlawful carnal knowledge with his 19-month-old son.

According to police investigations, Ogadia separated from his wife in 2021 after she gave birth to their son.

However, after failed attempts at reconciliation, the suspect picked up the 19-month-old son, from the mother in October 2022 and allegedly started sodomizing him at night.

It is further reported that the child’s painful cries attracted the attention of the neighbours who alerted the police.

SCP Enanga Fred Police Spokesperson says the victim was medically examined and proof of a raptured anus, with bruises obtained. The case is unique and very disturbing.

Meanwhile, the suspect was medically examined and found to be mentally sound.

“We continue to call upon mothers whose children have been abused by a father or relative, to take courage and stand up for their child or children. We are aware that some of the mothers face challenges of dealing with family members who do not believe that abuse occurred or who continue to maintain their relationship with the abusers, the possibility of economic hardships, especially if they are financially dependent on the abuser, possible loss of friends, making sense of conflicting advice from friends, family or religious leaders who may think you should forgive the perpetrator and legal authorities who expect you to report the perpetrator,” says Enanga.

He further reminded mothers that it is their response that plays a powerful role in the healing process of a molested child.

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