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Cask Lounge K’la Sets the Record Straight: Genuine Liquor Sourced Directly from Distributors, Not Suppliers


Cask Lounge K’la Sets the Record Straight: Genuine Liquor Sourced Directly from Distributors, Not Suppliers

Kampala, Uganda – Cask Lounge K’la, a premier establishment known for its exceptional ambiance and top-quality beverages, is addressing recent online allegations regarding the authenticity of its liquor offerings. The management of Cask Lounge K’la wants to assure its valued patrons and the public at large that these allegations are baseless and misleading. 

Contrary to the recent online claims, Cask Lounge K’la takes great pride in sourcing its liquor directly from reputable distributors within the industry. This commitment to authenticity and quality is at the core of the establishment’s values. The lounge places a strong emphasis on ensuring that its customers enjoy an unparalleled experience, characterized by genuine and premium beverages. 

“We want to be unequivocally clear – Cask Lounge K’la does not engage with suppliers of questionable repute or authenticity. Our relationship with established distributors is founded on trust, transparency, and a shared dedication to delivering the finest products to our discerning clientele,”- Kha Mwesigwa, Gee of Cask Lounge K’la. 

Cask Lounge K’la sources its premium liquor from reputable distributors, including: 

  • Vicland distributor for our Tequila and Jamson
  • Black Hock for Hennessy and Moet
  • Mohans for Jegamaster
  • Ck and company limited official distributer for UBL products.
    In an industry where trust is paramount, Cask Lounge K’la has implemented rigorous quality control measures to safeguard the integrity of its offerings. These measures include thorough verification of each batch of liquor received from distributors, as well as regular audits to maintain the highest standards.
    The management of Cask Lounge K’la encourages its patrons and the public to visit the establishment and experience firsthand the unwavering commitment to excellence that has made it a respected and sought-after destination. The lounge remains fully committed to upholding its reputation for authenticity, quality, and exceptional service.
    Furthermore, Cask Lounge K’la takes great pleasure in hosting themed nights, such as “Tequila Tuesdays,” which celebrate the class of individuals who appreciate the nuanced flavors of tequila. These themed nights provide a unique opportunity for patrons to indulge in a carefully curated selection of tequilas, expertly crafted cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere that embodies the essence of the Cask Lounge K’la experience.
    Moreover, Cask Lounge K’la proudly announces its partnership with renowned liquor companies like Hennessy, “the only Hennessy bar in Uganda” which grants the establishment a direct connection with the only Hennessy distributors in uganda themselves named Black Hock. This collaboration further solidifies Cask Lounge K’la’s commitment to providing patrons with authentic and extraordinary libations.

Cask Lounge K’la is a distinguished bar and lounge known for its sophisticated atmosphere and curated selection of beverages. Located in Kampala, Uganda, Cask Lounge K’la is dedicated to providing an unmatched experience to its patrons, characterized by genuine hospitality, premium offerings, and a commitment to excellence. 

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