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Anti-Riot Police Disrupt Protest by Pre-Intern Doctors in Kabale


Anti-Riot Police Disrupt Protest by Pre-Intern Doctors in Kabale

A planned protest by pre-intern doctors in Kabale district was forcefully halted by the anti-riot police on Monday. The doctors had organized the demonstration to express their dissatisfaction with the government’s failure to implement President Yoweri Museveni’s 2021 directive, which mandated a monthly payment of 2.5 million Ugandan shillings to support them during their internship. The doctors gathered at the main hall of Christ the King Church, brandishing placards with messages such as “Mandatory Internship Equals Mandatory Allowances,” “Pay Interns Deploy Interns,” “Is this the future You secured?” and “No free Internship Hungry Man is an Angry Man.” Their intention was to march from the hall to Kabale main street and present a petition to the office of the Kabale Resident District Commissioner. However, as they commenced their march, the police intervened and dispersed the protesters. Mercy Tumusingyize, one of the pre-intern doctors, expressed disappointment with the government’s failure to fulfil the directive, emphasizing the crucial role that the allowances play in supporting interns during their training. Meanwhile, Precious Akatukunda, another pre-intern doctor, criticized the police for interfering with their peaceful protest. Timothy Lumu, another protester, argued that there was no justification for the police to prevent them from reminding the government to uphold President Museveni’s directive. Andrew Akanyijuka, the Officer-in-Charge of Kabale Central Police Station, defended the police’s actions, citing that the protest was considered illegal as they had not adhered to the notification requirements outlined in the Public Order Management Act.




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