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15 suspects arrested in connection with Greater Masaka Region murders as Assailants issue fresh threats in Lwengo


15 suspects arrested in connection with Greater Masaka Region murders as Assailants issue fresh threats in Lwengo

15 suspects have been arrested by the Joint Security Task Team actively investigating the murderous rampage by an organized gang of criminal assailants in the two districts of Lwengo and Masaka.


6 suspects have been arrested from Masaka district, in connection with the murders by hacking and beating of 9 victims to death. They have been identified as; Kawalya Yazid, Sserwada Mike, Muwonge Jude, Nakakawa Slyvia, Kibedi Yowana, Batesita, and Jjemba Francis.

The murders

The deceased persons include; Mukasa Idrisa, a 90-year-old resident of Kikungwe “A” village, Butale, who was attacked on 22.08.2021 and hit on the forehead with a blunt object, and killed on the spot.  

On 23.08.2021, the second victim identified as Mugerwa Francis aka Kiiza Nswa, a 58-year-old, resident of Setala village, Senya ward, Kabonera Division in Masaka city was attacked by Sserwada Mike and others while on his way home. He was hit on the head several times, killed and the body dumped along the footpath to his home.

On the same night of 23.08.2021 at around 9:15 pm, one Kakooza Sulaiman, a 54-year-old resident of Senya village, Senya ward, Kabonera division, in Masaka was attacked and killed by the same gang.

Then on 25.08.2021, at around 8:20 pm, one Nampijja Muhangaza, a 75-year-old resident of Kasaali village, Bisanje Kabonera division in Masaka, was attacked while preparing her supper.  She was hit on the head and killed.  Her body was abandoned outside the kitchen.

On the same night of 25.08.2021, a one Yeye Peter, a 30-year-old, casual worker and resident of Bisanje village, Kimanya, Kabobera Division in Masaka, was attacked and hit on the head with a blunt object, killing him instantly.

His body was abandoned in a nearby plantation. The following day on 26.08.2021, one Mulindwa Maddi, a 45-year-old man was attacked at around 9:30 pm, while checking on his home at Kisaka village, Kiteredde ward, Kabonera division, in Masaka. He was alone when he was cut on the head and killed.

On 29.08.2021, at around 3 am, one Nakato Maria an 80-year-old, female, was staying alone at Kitenga “A” LCI, Kalagala Parish, Nyendo, Mukungwe division, was attacked in her house, killed with a blunt object.  Her body was dragged and dumped in the banana plantation.


In Lwengo district, 9 suspects highly linked to the vicious murders of 17 victims have been arrested so far.  The suspects have been identified as; Kibirango John Bosco aka Boy, Ssewankambo Mohammad, Namata Justine, Kabayo Henry, Kaganda Moses, Ssebuunya Issa, Nabatanzi Batesita, Ngabirano Sebastiano, and Kayebura Joseph.

The murders

On 21.07.2021, two victims identified as, Kabanda John and Kalya Vicent, were attacked while riding home at around 10:30 pm along Kamanya Miigo road, Taaga village, Nkoni, Lwengo district. They were hit with blunt objects and killed, and the bodies were dragged to a nearby coffee plantation. 

Three suspects identified as Kibirango John Bosco alias Boy and Ssegawa Muzafaru and Ssewankambo Mohammad alias TALU were identified, and two arrested so far (Kibirango and Ssewankambo).

On 31.07.2021, one Nkanka Joseph a 51-year-old, and Kaweesi Godfrey, a 30-year-old resident of Nakalete village, Kisekka, Lwengo District, were attacked at around 8 pm, by the assailants, hacked and left unconscious.  They were rushed to Masaka Referral Hospital where they later died. 

On 2.08.2021, Bwanika Joseph, was attacked at Kisekka “B”, village, Kankamba, in Lwengo district and killed.

On 4.08.2021, one Ddumba Joseph Lutakome, a 59-year-old resident of Katoma village, Lwengo Rural, in Lwengo district was attacked, hit with blunt objects, and killed. The body was dumped in a coffee plantation. 

On 12.08.2021 at 11 am, one Lubega Aramanthan, was discovered dead, at Malonge village, Katovu, Lwengo, with multiple cuts to the head.

On 15.08.2021 at around 2:10 am one Kayemba Sowedi, a 29-year-old, businessman, was waylaid and hacked to death at Mpumudde village, Byakabirizi- Kyazanga in Lwengo district. His body was abandoned along the roadside. 

On 16.08.2021, a one Ibrahim Ssebwana, a 50-year-old, male adult was attacked by assailants at Byajiri village, Kito Parish, Lwengo Rural in Lwengo district and hacked to death. 

The assailants proceeded on a murder spree and hacked to death, one Galiwango Paul, a 60-year-old male adult of Byanjiri village, and a third victim only known as MONDAY, a 30-year-old, male adult, of Nasiti village, Ndagwe. 

The two victims were rushed to Masaka Referral Hospital where they later died. 

Five suspects who include; Kabayo Henry, Kaganda Moses, Ssembuya Issa, Mutabaazi Batesita, and Kayebura were arrested for further interrogation.

On 22.08.2021, Mbaziira Richard, a 60-year-old, Deputy Catechist at Kkingo parish was attacked and hacked to death at Kyambogo village, Nkoni Parish, Lwengo district. The canine dogs tracked the scent to the highway and lost it. 

Then on 27.08.2021, Nantale Joyce, a 70-year-old, female adult was attacked at Bwasa village, Kasana Parish, Kkingo Sub-county, Lwengo district and hacked together with her 6-year-old granddaughter Birungi Barbra. The two victims were rushed to Masaka Regional Hospital where they later died. 

On the same night of 27.08.2021 at around 11:30 pm at Nabyewanga village, Nkoni in Lwengo district, the assailants attacked the home of Bukenya Fred with his family of 10 and set it on fire.  There were no casualties however, the whole house was burnt to the ground, and a motorcycle registration number UDB391H Suzuki CC90.

On 28.08.2021, one Kirembwe Henry, an 81-year-old, male was attacked and hit on the head using blunt objects that killed him instantly. The assailants picked his phone with sim card number 0783-084919 and rang the daughter based in Sweden. She called Ssepuya Stephen who confirmed the death of his father. 

On 29.08.2021, at around 9 pm, one Lusiina Vincent, a 70-year-old, male adult, of Mpumudde district, Lyakibiizi Parish, Lwengo district was attacked while staying alone. He was hit on the head and killed instantly.

The vicious murders started on 21.07.2021, at Kamenyamigo road, Taaga village, Nkoni, Lwengo district, with the double murder by hacking of Kabanda John and Kalya Vicent who were riding their bicycles home at around 10:30 pm.

The criminal assailants established two domestic cells in Lwengo and Masaka, that were operating independently.  Both cells were targeting elderly persons staying alone and other vulnerable people found moving home during night time.  For their own unique motives, they would attack and kill the victims without stealing from them.

Police spokesperson CP Fred Enanga says the task team has significantly arrested 15 suspects and recovered several exhibits. 

“They continue to work with the local leaders and the community, to track down the assailants in the new domestic cell in Bukoto West, who also form part of the organized gang behind the spree of brutal murders.  Most of the suspects are residents embedded within the community in Lwengo and Masaka. They all admitted to participating in the multiple slaying of their targeted victims” Enanga says.

After getting significant clues on the characteristics of the assailants, anonymous threatening letters, their mode of transport, a description of their getaway, and the mastermind behind the vicious murders, Enanga says they will ensure all the remaining suspects are arrested and face justice for the senseless carnage they have caused.

“Meanwhile, our hearts go out to the victims, especially the families of the 26 deceased persons, hacked and beaten to death.  We urge all residents to exhibit more vigilance in their daily activities, and to create protective covers around all elderly persons, in close coordination with Law enforcement personnel” Enanga added.

The assailants have today released fresh threats indicating that they want 20 human heads from Lwengo, leaving residents in panic.

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