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Why Kansai Plascon Held Sumptuous Dinner With Its Dealers


Why Kansai Plascon Held Sumptuous Dinner With Its Dealers

Uganda’s leading paint manufacturers Kansai Plascon on Saturday treated their dealers from across the country to a sumptuous dinner at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel.The dinner which is held annually is aimed at celebrating the company’s dealers for their continued dedication towards the growth of Plascon as a brand and their unwavering support, even in difficult periods.

The dinner is also used as a platform where dealers are briefed on the company’s new products, current performance, and projections of the year. “As a company, we are dedicated to understanding issues that our community faces and are continuously innovating to make sure we provide solutions to them,” said Santosh Gumte, Kansai Plascon Managing Director.  Mr. Gumte revealed that the company has given their Budget Range products a brand-new look and have upgraded them from metallic tins and jerry cans to plastic buckets while maintaining the same quality of paint.

“We upgraded the packaging to buckets to eliminate the challenge of rusting metal tins since our budget range is water-based. We also know that during usage, some paint inevitably remains in the jerry cans, which isn’t the case for the buckets. Buckets can be easily stacked and transported and they are simpler to use in the painting process,” Gumte said. The buckets come with a secure tamper-proof seal to ensure that customers get original Plascon quality paint and in addition to that, they are also more functional and can be reused for multiple purposes.”

The dealers were also informed that Plascon now has rolled out a new look for the premium Woodcare products – Woodcare Interior, Woodcare Exterior, Wood Varnish Clear, Woodcare Preservative, Woodcare 2 Pack Polyurethane and Woodcare Polyurethane varnish. 

“Similar to the budget range, the quality of the paint has been maintained, but it’s the look that has changed. The labels have clear usage instructions to ensure that our customers get the best results.” Gumte said.  Previously, Plascon Woodcare products were sold in general-purpose packs with a label listing all the Woodcare products available.  This however, was not sufficient to give consumers confidence that Plascon offers a wide range of Woodcare solutions.  With the new distinct labels for each Woodcare product, Plascon customers will now have clarity and assurance that the company offers superior products, delivers value for money, and meets all their needs.

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