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What You Need To Know About Holi Festival And Why Its Celebrated?


What You Need To Know About Holi Festival And Why Its Celebrated?

Last Week, the Indian community in Uganda held yet again their festival dubbed the  Holi Festival in Lugogo.

The Holi Festival originated to celebrate good harvests and fertility. It heralds the onset of spring through a riotous celebration of color.

The festival is all about fun, frolic, vibrant, and beautiful colors that celebrate the victory of good over evil.

It welcomes all walks of life of age, race, or economic differences by greeting the revelers with gulal, colored powder mixed with water which the revelers shower upon each other.

Holi celebrates the legend of Hindu Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, which describes the extreme delight Krishna took in applying color to Radha and others.

Speaking the Kansai Plascon Managing Director, Santosh Gumte said that the event was sponsored to celebrate the spirit of brotherhood.

And according to Bhanu Gupta, the chairperson of Rajasthani Association Uganda, said the Indian community celebrates the festival because of the love for Radha and Krishna.

He revealed that the festival is celebrated as a way of uniting all people as one, creating new friends, forgetting all grievances, and forgiving all that wronged you among others.

Gupta noted that Indians have a belief that no matter the color of their skin, the language they speak, or the continent that they live on, they are all one family.

“Everybody is welcome to come and play with the color and spread love to the community in the Holi festival,” Gupta said.

During the event, a number of Bollywood musicians performed at the event, children had a free ride on the camels, played in muddy water, and also held minor dancing and singing performances.

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