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Update; Mother caught torturing biological son on video finally arrested


Update; Mother caught torturing biological son on video finally arrested

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Directorate, CID have arrested Uwimana Patience a 25-year-old woman who appeared in a video torturing her biological 3-year-old son.

Twiine Charles Mansio the CID Spokesperson told TheUgPost this morning that they have been searching for Uwimana since the video went viral on social media earlier last week.

He says that some people had told police it was photoshop, while others sent them on a wild chase in Mbale. However, she was later identified as a resident of Bwuuma zone, Kyazanga TC, Lwengo district, but when they visited her home, the suspect had fled with her two children 3-year-old Alvin (victim) and another 1 year old.

According to Twiine, Uwimana was living with her husband who is crippled and the couple had domestic problems for a while. Her husband had reported a case at police about the child torture his wife had subjected their son to.

“The husband had reported a child torture case to police, but the woman quickly packed her bags and left him before she could be arrested. She went to live with her brother in Luweero where she met with another woman only identified as Betty who gave her a job as a house maid in Bwaise where detectives finally found and arrested her” Twiine narrates.

Detectives were informed about Betty in Luwero but they could not find her, but a former housemaid at her house led them to the place in Bwaise. Meanwhile, Uwimana had left the victim in Luwero at her brother’s home where police picked him.

“He was bruised all over the body, had a swollen stomach and was traumatized. Convincing him to come with us was hard because he thought we were taking him to his tormentor, the mother. But eventually we convinced him and he accepted to come with us. There is an organization that has agreed to take care of the child and even take him to school when he gets better. The organization has offered to sponsor him up to university” Twiine revealed.

The suspect is being held at CPS Kampala but will be subjected to mental examination to ascertain whether at the time she committed the offence, she was in her normal capacity.

“If we find out that she was not okay, then we have a duty to ensure that there is some psycho-social support before disposing of the case. But if found to be mentally stable, we shall charge her with multiple cases including; torture or attempted murder, depending on clarification from doctors after examining the child” Twiine says.

The CID spokesperson says that in case of any doubt, a DNA test will be carried out on the mother and both children to prove that indeed she is their mother. “It beats the logic that a mother can torture their own child like this. So we may be forced to do a DNA to establish whether the kid is hers or some other person’s.”

Last week, several reports indicated that the child belongs to Uwimana’s sister who is in Dubai. Uwimana was recently released from Kisoro prison for attempted murder.

“This woman has a record of crime, she had earlier attempted to kill her biological father and was arrested, prosecuted and served her custodial sentence of three years. When she left prison, she pleaded with her husband who allowed her to come back home and they eventually had another child (the one year old). The man says he had been living under threats from the woman. So, we are dealing with a hardcore criminal.”

She appeared in a video shared earlier last week, torturing a little boy. In the video, Uwimana stepped on the child’s head before hitting him with a huge stick like she was killing a snake.

At some point, the suspect picked the victim from the ground, raised him into the air and let go like a tennis. The video attracted wide criticism from people across the world with everyone urging police to find Uwimana and lock her up.

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