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There is nothing like falling in love all over again; A celebration of Christian and Gloria Mugarura’s journey of love


There is nothing like falling in love all over again; A celebration of Christian and Gloria Mugarura’s journey of love

For Christian and Gloria Mugarura, it was not love at first sight, for this couple, love has been a journey.

The two met as teenagers in 1998 in Bugolobi, a Kampala Suburb. While Christian’s family owned a home on Luthuli Avenue, Gloria’s was on Younger avenue. 

The duo forged a friendship that has led them to grow into a family. Like they say, marrying your friend could guarantee you a lifetime of happiness.

Chris and Gloria lived as friends for many years, even though he attempted to court her several times. Unfortunately for him, Gloria declined all his advances because they were still young, and she hailed from a family, with strict born again parents. She was always told, dating would start at University.

Christian waited until after school, and finally, their romance sparked off after school. “He proposed to me at age 26, whilst he was 27” Gloria recalls.


On September 6th, 2014, the couple tied the knot at All Saints Cathedral. However, they were concerned as none had a job. “We loved each other dearly but feared God more. So we decided to go before him through a church wedding” says Chris.

The Mugaruras at their wedding reception in Munyonyo, on 6th September 2014

With support from family members, the couple held a small reception at the Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo poolside, and would later spend their honeymoon at the Entebbe Zoo now UWEC, touring animals. 

While they could not afford a luxurious honeymoon out of the country, the couple’s union was blessed by God.

The journey

The couple began life in a one-roomed house in Luzira, but trusted that God would lift them. Gloria says they have lived to see this happen. “God has opened doors for Christian, right from when we had nothing, he has now grown to become the Chairman of HILI Starch Group Africa,” Gloria says in amazement.

They have had moments that have brought them even closer, including the birth of their children, for which Gloria says Christ was in the delivery room waiting to receive his babies.

Christian and Gloria Mugarura, with their children in Zanzibar over the weekend.

“He drives me to the hospital and stands by all through the process until his children are born. He’s always the first to receive his children” She notes. 

Christian and Gloria Mugarura are a clear definition of “from Grass to Grace. They have managed to survive on the basics, hardly affording vacations. Gloria’s advice to young women is not to fear marrying a broke man, as long as he has a vision.

7th Anniversary

With their 7th anniversary fast approaching, the couple realized a need to renew their vows and celebrate with their children, a journey they have walked thus far. However, Gloria says that due to their busy schedules, the couple would not have time for celebrations on 6th September, hence choosing to do it before.

The couple flew their family to Zanzibar and renewed their vows on Friday 27th August 2021.

The Couple renews their vows, with their children as witnesses

While they had planned to take their celebrations to the Maldives, COVID-19 restrictions hindered this. “Our initial plan was the Maldives, but due to Covid travel restrictions, we opted for Zanzibar. It was beautiful” notes Gloria.

According to Christian, it was a very special day, having to renew their vows in front of their children and all other family members.

“We renewed our vows in the presence of our children because we want to instill in them the values of marriage and family. We’re raising responsible men who we believe will grow up and settle down with their future wives someday. We want to build a strong legacy for them and our grandchildren. We were happy they witnessed this” says Christian.

Gloria is currently, the Executive Director of HILI Somalia, a non-governmental organization empowering women and girls in the horn of Africa.

The story of Christian and Gloria Mugarura gives hope to the youths, that despite financial constraints, what matters is God’s Blessing and a vision.

We wish them all the best and many more years of such celebrations.

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