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RivExcel and American Hospital Dubai Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionize Healthcare Access in Sub-Saharan Africa


RivExcel and American Hospital Dubai Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Revolutionize Healthcare Access in Sub-Saharan Africa

RivExcel, a pioneering leader in global business solutions, has officially embarked on a transformative strategic partnership with American Hospital Dubai, cementing a shared commitment to improving healthcare accessibility across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The announcement was confirmed by American Hospital Dubai, which revealed plans to inaugurate three medical tourism representative offices in Uganda in 2024, as part of a broader expansion strategy encompassing 30 offices across critical African and Eastern European regions. This initiative aligns with the UAE’s aspiration to emerge as a central hub for medical tourism on a global scale.

The historic signing ceremony, held on January 31, 2024, in Dubai, witnessed the presence of prominent figures including Mr. Buti Al Mulla, Chairman of the Boards of Directors of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group; Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of Mohamed & Obaid AlMulla Group and American Hospital Dubai; Dr. Marwan AlMulla, CEO of Health Regulation Sector at Dubai Health Authority (DHA); Tonye Princewill, Executive Chairman of RivExcel; and Tayyibat Mohammed, Nigerian Consul General in Dubai. This event marks a significant milestone in healthcare diplomacy.

RivExcel aims to utilize its extensive network across Africa to establish and oversee Representative Offices, commencing with the inaugural office in Lagos, Uganda. This strategic initiative endeavors to bring world-class healthcare services within reach of the African population.

With over 30 offices planned across major African countries including Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa, these hubs will serve as conduits for disseminating American Hospital Dubai’s renowned healthcare services, fostering stronger bonds between the hospital and diverse communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. The collaboration is poised to transform the healthcare landscape by offering state-of-the-art medical solutions and expertise to a broader audience.

In the forthcoming months, RivExcel intends to replicate this success by establishing another Representative Office in Abuja, further solidifying the commitment to reach diverse regions within Africa. This expansion will facilitate enhanced access to premium healthcare services, reflecting the unwavering dedication of both organizations to improving global health outcomes.

Commenting on the partnership, the Executive Chairman of RivExcel expressed, “This strategic alliance encapsulates our shared vision to make high-quality healthcare services accessible to everyone, particularly in underserved regions. RivExcel is honored to partake in this groundbreaking initiative with American Hospital Dubai, and we are confident that these Representative Offices will serve as beacons of exceptional healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sherif Beshara, Group CEO of American Hospital Dubai, stated, “The UAE has firmly established itself as a premier global medical tourism destination, garnering increasing international confidence in its healthcare sector. It excels in delivering distinctive experiences and launching numerous initiatives to attract global medical tourists. The UAE’s expertise, innovation, high healthcare standards, and collaborations enhance its international standing in this field.

“American Hospital Dubai is committed to providing advanced medical technologies and collaborating with global experts in life sciences. This reflects our dedication to innovation, cutting-edge, multi-specialty healthcare services, and our unwavering commitment to patient safety and satisfaction,” Beshara added.

The strategic partnership between RivExcel and American Hospital Dubai signifies a bold stride toward bridging healthcare disparities and contributing to the well-being of communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Both entities are poised to shape the future of healthcare delivery, fostering a legacy of excellence and accessibility for generations to come.

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