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President Museveni meets with Nexus Green delegation


President Museveni meets with Nexus Green delegation

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had a meeting with a delegation from Nexus Green, a Ugandan-based solar energy company at Statehouse Entebbe on Tuesday. The panel was led by their chairperson, Baroness Sandip Verma, a former UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for International Development.

During the meeting, Baroness Sandip Verma, along with her delegation, provided an update on various ongoing projects across the country. Nexus Green has undertaken some initiatives including solar-powered irrigation, the Lopei Multipurpose Dam construction, and a collaborative effort with The Ministry of Defence focusing on a solar power initiative, among other endeavors.

With a commitment to supplying, manufacturing, and delivering affordable solar-powered solutions, Nexus Green Ltd is dedicated to catering to the energy needs of over 458 million individuals in East Africa.

One of the critical areas of discussion during the meeting was the emphasis on irrigation as a means to enhance production and stabilize the agricultural sector. President Museveni has long championed the integration of solar-powered water pumps to facilitate sustainable irrigation and agro-production.

He highlighted the potential of solar-powered water pumps to extend the growing seasons of crops, effectively transitioning from the conventional two-season cycle to a more robust four-season approach.

President Museveni noted, “The incorporation of solar-powered water pumps into irrigation systems holds vast significance. By eliminating weather-related delays in irrigation, we can maximize agricultural output and ensure food security.”

Baroness expressed applauded President Museveni for his unwavering support towards the realization of Nexus Green’s projects, many of which are now on the verge of completion. In addition, she unveiled plans for the establishment of a local factory dedicated to manufacturing solar-powered water pumps, demonstrating Nexus Green’s commitment to boosting local production capabilities.

The delegation shared their Green Hub Kampala Project as part of their ongoing commitment to green energy and environmentally-friendly transportation solutions. This project aims to introduce ecologically sound electric motorcycles tailored to the challenging terrains of Uganda.

President Museveni lauded this initiative and expressed his support, affirming, “While we are focusing on car manufacturing, your efforts in motorcycle production are highly encouraged.”

Sarah K. Biryomumaisho is a Multimedia journalist (Broadcast & Writing) with 11 years of experience. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Makerere Business Institute and a Certificate in Media Management from Women in News. She completed a Course in Wikimedia in 2020, making her one of the very few Wikipedia Editors in the country. She also has a certificate in Gender Justice Reporting from The International Women's Media Foundation, IWMF. She has worked with a number of media houses including 6 Radio stations, most recently Galaxy fm 100.2 & Radio 4. She has worked with Andariya Magazine as a writer. Sarah worked as a Digital Communications consultant for the newly revived Uganda Airlines and is also a Digital enthusiast. She owns a Media Organization called TheUgPost that publishes in Uganda and has a global reach. Twitter;

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