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Police reveal identities of suspects in murder of Buganda Clan Leader, Eng Daniel Bbosa


Police reveal identities of suspects in murder of Buganda Clan Leader, Eng Daniel Bbosa

Police have revealed the identities of two suspects involved in the murder of Eng. Daniel Bbosa Lwomwa, a 72-year-old, proprietor of TRANSA Electrical Company Limited and Head of the Ndiga Clan in Buganda. The deceased was attacked by three assailants on a motorcycle, armed with an AK-47 rifle.

The incident occurred on Sunday, 25/2/2024, at approximately 6 p.m. in Kikandwa zone, Lungujja Parish, Lubaga Division.

The assailants have been identified as Sserunkuma Enock, who was killed by an angry mob, and his accomplice, Lujja Noah, who is currently fighting for his life at Mulago National Hospital.

SCP Enanga Fred, the Police Spokesperson, told a press conference on Monday, that the assailants, riding on a motorcycle with registration number Haojue UFX 854F, disguised it with cello tape to read UEX 754E. They first parked in a corner along the road, waiting for the victim to approach the junction to his home.

The assailants then rode past him, made a U-turn, and faced the oncoming vehicle. “They attacked and shot the victim at close range from the front side of the car. Three bullets penetrated his head, killing him instantly while at the driver’s seat of the Land Cruiser, registration number UAH 637X. His wife, Glady’s Bbosa, and their housemaid, Mrs. Nambale Peace, survived with no major injuries. The trio was returning home from a family function,” said Enanga.

However, as the three assailants were fleeing the scene, they were pursued and knocked down by a courageous bodaboda rider at Bulange – Mengo. The rider raised an alarm, attracting an angry mob, which pursued and arrested two of the assailants who were trying to flee on foot.

The suspects were seriously beaten by the irate crowd, resulting in Sserunkuma Enock’s death on the spot. Lujja Noah, the second suspect, sustained life-threatening injuries and was rushed to Mulago National Referral Hospital, where he is now under close guard by CID personnel. A third suspect fled from the scene.

Enanga added, “We are reviewing all CCTV footage, both public and private in the area, as part of our investigations. Our task team of detectives has forwarded the killer gun to the Ballistic experts to conduct an urgent trace of its origin, when, where, and to whom it was allocated. We are also analyzing all available information and continue to gather more leads.”

He stated that they expect more information from the suspect at Mulago once he regains total consciousness. The police have further established that one of the suspects, Sserunkuma Enock, is a resident of the local area.

Enanga praised the community for their vigilance, especially the bodaboda movement, who courageously pursued the assailants. “It is a testament to good community vigilance and a commitment to neighborhood watch.”

“We still have more work to do on how to prevent acts of mob justice after arrest because it negatively impacts our leads, including the motive of the suspects and identification of other perpetrators of violent crimes. The suspect in the hospital underwent a CT scan and was found with no head fracture or bone injury. He is now conscious and guarded at the Hospital,” Enanga added.

He reassured the public that the available leads will lead them to whoever was behind the violent attack and murder.

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