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Police call on relatives of Basibe Ismael who perished in bomb attack at CPS to pick his body


Police call on relatives of Basibe Ismael who perished in bomb attack at CPS to pick his body

Seven after the deadly suicide blasts at CPS and parliamentary Avenue, the police are still stuck with the body of Basibe Ismael, who died from CPS. CP Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says the body has not yet been claimed and called upon his relatives to come forward and claim it for burial. 

Meanwhile, the remains of the alleged suicide bombers have also not been claimed.

The duo was identified by a member of the ADF suicide squad, a one Mugamba Moses Mudasiru aka Kalyowa aka Moze, as Wanjusi Abdul, who detonated the bomb at Parliament Avenue, and Mansoor Uthman, who detonated the bomb at CPS Kampala.

At least four innocent Ugandans were killed and 37 others injured in the two attacks. 35 victims have since been discharged, and only 02 victims, both police officers, still remain admitted at Mulago National Referral Hospital. 

Enanga however says they are also progressing well and out of danger. 

“As we continue to face these unprecedented threats, we call upon all Ugandans to remember the families of George Katana, Basibe Ismael, PC Kungu Amos, and Christopher Sande, as well as the family of Emily Nyinaneza, who died from the first bomb attack at Komamboga” he added. 

He also argues that the attacks are from a known enemy, the ADF, who are aimed at promoting fear and panic in the public and that Ugandans should reject terrorism in all its forms, because it totally undermines the fundamental values of liberty, humanity, freedom and togetherness. 

“All Ugandans and visitors, should know that, we are still in a threat environment. And as the Joint Security Agencies, we are doing everything within our means, to prevent all kinds of the terror attack on our country. We must however know that globally terror threats from suicide attackers are very unpredictable.  No security measure, however, advanced, can ensure 100% protection against suicide attackers. Therefore, in our bid to disrupt and dismantle all acts of domestic terrorism, we have intensified operations along our borders to prevent illegal crossings.  We have and continue to pursue perpetrators involved in terrorist financing, and persons involved in the incitement and, mobilization of vulnerable Ugandans, into ADF-linked acts of terror including suicide bombers.  So far a total of 106 suspects, linked to acts of domestic terror have been arrested, seven others have been put out of action, while four suicide attackers, got killed during the suicide attacks” he revealed.

He further reiterated that the arrested persons are not targeted for their beliefs, ideology, religion because that would make police, appear biased. 

Earlier today, the FDC condemned security agencies targeting the Muslim community and harassing them whenever there are such attacks.

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