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NUP Legal team begins process to secure release of party members arrested in Kalangala


NUP Legal team begins process to secure release of party members arrested in Kalangala

Several members of the National Unity Platform who were arrested in Kalangala on Wednesday are still being held by security.

Robert Kyagulanyi the NUP Presidential candidate says that as soon as they landed on the islands for their campaign, his team found lots of military police, regular UPDF and police officers who were deployed to arrest them on arrival!

“As soon as we arrived, they started arresting our people one by one. All our security team members were arrested, then the media team, and then the team close to me, including Nubian Li, Dan Magic and Eddy Mutwe. Journalists too were arrested. Eventually, they also arrested me and pushed me into a ‘mobile prison’, which was teargased! They drove me to a military chopper which was pre-arranged! These cowards separated me from my team and flew me to Kololo airstrip where the police put me in a police truck and drove me to Magere” Kyagulanyi narrates.

He noted that the party’s legal team has already embarked on the process of securing freedom for those arrested.

According to Kyagulanyi Museveni is campaigning and yet determined to block the other contenders from campaigning everywhere.

“How shameless! How cowardly! My message to all of you Ugandans is, let us all keep keeping on. Let us not give up. Let us keep praying. Let us keep working hard. The present trials and tribulations are preparing for us a massive victory against one of the world’s most brutal war-lords! Museveni will soon be history! Uganda will be free” he said.

The NUP party president was supposed to campaign in Kalangala and had been given a go ahead by the DPC. However, things took a wrong turn when he was instead picked and taken to his home in Magere, moments before starting his campaign.

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