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“Have Never Left Eagles Production” Ronald Mayinja


“Have Never Left Eagles Production” Ronald Mayinja

“I met my wife back in 2014, entranced by her beauty. Over the years, I’ve cherished not just her outward appearance but also the profound impact she’s had on my life,” shared singer Ronald Mayinja during his appearance on the Mwasuze Mutya show on NTV Uganda, hosted by Stella Nante.

Formerly associated with Eagles Production and Golden Band Production, Mayinja clarified that despite rumours, he has never truly departed from the music scene, continuing to contribute to the industry at a steady pace.

Reflecting on the reasons behind certain career shifts, Mayinja attributed the band’s split to a mix of politics and personal commitments that demanded his attention.

Last year, Mayinja temporarily relocated to the UK for six months, sparking speculations about his financial standing. However, he returned to Uganda, driven by a desire to stay visible to his audience. Despite facing financial challenges, he made a tough decision to sell a piece of property he had acquired years ago.

“I believe in staying present in people’s lives,” Mayinja expressed, highlighting his recent performances at the Kampala Serena Hotel and the release of new music videos to stay relevant in the ever-evolving music industry.

While he acknowledges the importance of staying active in the music scene, Mayinja emphasized the enduring power of his older songs, known for their profound messages rather than sensationalism.

“True success is born from overcoming life’s hurdles,” Mayinja asserted, urging others to embrace challenges and persevere through them. He emphasized that even those perceived to be affluent abroad face their own share of trials and tribulations.

In a later clarification, Mayinja emphasized the importance of open dialogue in politics, encouraging individuals to engage with opposing viewpoints rather than shying away from constructive debate.

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