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Drilling Rig Equipment Arrives at Kingfisher Oil Fields


Drilling Rig Equipment Arrives at Kingfisher Oil Fields

Hoima, Uganda. The most advanced Chinese oil drilling equipment in the oil and gas Industry exploration and development sector represented by the ‘Drilog and Welleader’ system and the land rig ‘LR8001’ has arrived at the Kingfisher Oil fields. LR8001” is a deluxe land rig customized for the KingFisher project in Uganda. As the first 8km fully automated silent rig in Africa, it is equipped with industry-leading technologies such as well site de-noising control, zero discharge system, and pipe column automation system. The whole set of equipment supports the integrated operation of various wellbore and well types, and during the operation effectively protects the regional ecological environment.

18 to 20 trucks are expected to be delivered daily for the next 3 weeks from Malaba to Well pad 2 at the Kingfisher Development area. This reaffrims CNOOC Uganda Limited’s commitment to delivering first oil on schedule.

“This oil drilling equipment will support Uganda to become an important crude oil producer in East Africa. The equipment shall also provide some localization job opportunities for Ugandans during the well drilling and completion process, train more localized talents for oilfield development and bring tangible changes to local economic development and livelihood to make the ‘Pearl of Africa’ brighter” said Mr. Chen Zhuobiao, President, CNOOC Uganda Limited.

“We are happy that CNOOC Uganda Limited has delivered the rig as promised. We shall continue supporting the company to fast track development of the Kingfisher project in Uganda,” stated Ernest Rubondo, Executive Director, Petroleum Authority of Uganda.

CNOOC Uganda Limited reiterates shows its determination to promote the high-quality development of ‘The Belt and Road’ Initiative and build a China-Africa community with a shared future.

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