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Buganda Land Board Toughens On Nabbingo Land Fraudsters


Buganda Land Board Toughens On Nabbingo Land Fraudsters

Buganda Land Board has warned residents of Nabbingo in Wakiso district to be aware of some unscupulous fraudsters claiming to own land in this area and planning t start collecting busuulu from them.

Through a public notice on CBS radio, Bukedde Newspaper and other social media platforms, Buganda Land Boaard clarifies that all land in this area belongs to Buganda Kingdom under the management of BLB. Residents are therefore encouraged to only deal with officials from Buganda Land Board in case of any transactions.

The notice further warns that whoever is found illegally transacting on this land would be prosecuted.

According to sources from Buganda Land Board, the land in question measures approximately two squaremiles covering the largest extent of Nabbingo and its title is in the custody of Buganda kingdom. However, there has been a group of people claiming to be members of Sembizi family who have held several meetings in this area and told people that this land belongs to them and all busuulu fees should be paid to them.

“Those people are liars. Besides private Mailo land and church land in this area, the rest of the land belongs to the Kabaka of Buganda. People should not be misguided into dealing with fraudsters,” noted one source who prefered anonymity.

Buganda Land Board’s latest stance highlights the organisation’s continued efforts to weed out land grabbers off Kabaka’s land. Just recently, the organisation held a meeting in Golomolo, Buikwe district and reassured residents of this area that the land therein belongs to the Kabaka of Buganda. Golomolo residents were in fear that they were about to be evicted by former Youth Minister Ronald Kibuule who claims to have a title on the same land.

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