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A Decade of Abryanz: From Local to Global Fashion Icon


A Decade of Abryanz: From Local to Global Fashion Icon

Ten years ago, Brian Muhumuza aka Abryanz was a no near figure to the fashion icons in the country but ten years later, he has become the fashion face of Kampala.

The Abryanz brand has grown from an inferior fashion to a global fashion powerhouse changing the face of fashion in Kampala.

And on Sunday it was all pomp, glamour and glitz as fashion enthusiasts flocked Skyz House Naguru for the 10th anniversary brunch of Abryanz brand.

As usual they did not disappoint as it was the battle of who has dressed to impress the public.

The boy of the night Abryanz was a blazing form as he donned a unique fashion style like he has always scooped us.

On the night, he had this to say,” To our amazing fans and the fashion community, this 10-year anniversary is a testament to our shared journey. Its a celebration of empowerment, individuality, and dreams come true. Thank you for being a part of it!,”.

During these 10 years, Abryanz introduced The Abryanz Fashion and Style Awards (ASFAs) and they have become an iconic event on the social calendar.

“They have featured conic designers, modes, and celebrities as David Thale, supermodels like Aamitto, and A-ist 

celebrities. But, it’s the collaborations that inspire us most—uniting fashion talent from across Africa on one stage,” Abryanz said.

Despite ASFAs not happening this year, Abryanz said they are integral to their 10- year journey. He said they have an exciting surprises in store for next year’s event, promising to make it the grandest celebration of African fashion excellence.

Abryanz said his personal style reflects the brand’s spirit—unapologetically unique which inspires their designs and collections, but t’s also vital to balance personal style with the brand’s evolving identity.

Regarding the next decade, Abryanz said fashion lovers should expect more innovation, inclusivity, and a broader reach.

“We have exciting projects to empower emerging designers and promote Africa’s fashion globally,” he concluded.

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