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60 dead, 216 injured, in road accidents in the last 7 days


60 dead, 216 injured, in road accidents in the last 7 days

A total of 60 people died and 216 sustained injuries in the 314 crashes that occurred during the week of 1st to 6th August 2022.

Out of these, 55 crashes were fatal, 149 were serious and 110 were minor.

There were 276 traffic crash victims during this period and out of these 60 died and 216 sustained injuries.

According to Faridah Nampiima the spokesperson Traffic Directorate, they noted that the highest contributors to crashes happen to be motorcycles and PSVs (T/Hiaces).

“The major cause of these crashes was reckless driving on the road. This means disregard for the rules of the road or driving without proper caution and includes: driving over the prescribed speed limit, failing to use signals, disobeying traffic signs and signals, drifting into another lane, distracted driving, using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, driving under the influence of drink or drugs contrary to the Traffic Act, failing to stop for a pedestrian at a designated pedestrian crossing and driving a vehicle on a public road without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for other persons using the public road,” said Nampiima.

In their day-to-day traffic operations and enforcement, police say a total number of 8,416 traffic offenders were arrested and issued EPS tickets on various traffic offences at various check checkpoints across the country.

The offences include 1,571reckless driving, 1,846 DMCs, 843 invalid driving licenses, 557 using or permitting use on the road a vehicle without any insurance law for that use, 455 speeding, 646 not wearing seat belts, 179 using a hand-held mobile telephone while driving, 405 riding motorcycles without wearing a crash helmet, and 88carrying more than one passenger on the same motorcycle, among others.

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