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Ugandan Entrepreneur Stands On Make Millions After Sale To Amazon


Ugandan Entrepreneur Stands On Make Millions After Sale To Amazon

Natna Hair, a Ugandan-based hair brand is one of the best product lines in Kampala. 

As we get into product reviews, here’s a little bit about Natna Hair.

Natna Hair is a hair brand with a wide range of hair products meant for different hair textures and types. It’s international renown and was founded by Sina Tsegazeab.

Sina Tsegazeab has created products that actually soften natural black hair which makes one feel more comfortable with Natna Hair.

When it comes to kinky hair, their products are meant to make it more manageable and easier to style.

“Our products are engineered to infuse hair with a natural balance of vitamins and protein that promote movement and manageability”. She also adds saying that their brand provides you with effective, professional-quality products that you can depend on to cleanse, condition, nourish, revitalize, and restore your hair to its natural beauty,” says Sina Tsegazeab the Sales Manager.

She also added saying that the aim is to provide our customers with a limitless range of affordable everyday hair options. The items in this collection will simplify your daily hair care procedures and come with simplified installation options for the average lady who loves to look nice.


Established in 2015, in Kampala, Natna hair has set out to be a leader and lasting solution to natural and synthetic hair needs for women in East Africa. At its inauguration, the brand boosted over 9 different styles for hair options that were available to its vast clientele that stretched from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, to the rest of Eastern and Western parts of Africa.  Currently, Natna hair is distributed in over 12 countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai, USA, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Israel.

Natna hair has over the years grown into a much sought-after and trusted hair solution in the region, with its second product, an eyelashes line being launched in 2018.

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