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Rapper Keko Talks About Her Breakup with Sheebah and Mental Health Struggles


Rapper Keko Talks About Her Breakup with Sheebah and Mental Health Struggles

Since her return to Uganda after spending six years in Canada, rapper Keko has been in the spotlight, giving interviews to various local media outlets, including TV, radio, and YouTube channels. In these interviews, she has opened up about her mental health struggles over the years.

In a recent interview, Keko discussed the issues that led to the end of her friendship with fellow musician Sheebah. The two artists, once inseparable and known for their chemistry and shared love for music, surprised fans when they went their separate ways.

Keko explained that one of the main reasons for their friendship’s breakdown was Sheebah’s decision to work with her former manager, Jeff Manager, to pursue her musical ambitions. Keko believes that Jeff Manager advised Sheebah to end their friendship for reasons known only to him.

She also acknowledged that Sheebah’s strong desire to achieve stardom led her to follow her manager’s advice to achieve her dreams.

Additionally, Keko revealed that the physical distance between them played a significant role in the deterioration of their friendship.

Despite the challenges, Keko expressed her contentment with Sheebah’s decision to prioritize her rise to stardom over their friendship, as it ultimately proved successful. She also mentioned that she is always available to talk or collaborate with Sheebah on a musical project and is willing to take any necessary steps to rekindle their friendly relationship.

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