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Face Blogger Ritah Kaggwa Exposes Sheila Gashumba Says She Is wh0re


Face Blogger Ritah Kaggwa Exposes Sheila Gashumba Says She Is wh0re

Sheila Gashumba’s relationship with boyfriend Rickman seems on the line after the latest shocking revelations from social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa.

Through Snapchat, Ritah revealed all the dirty mess Sheila has been involved in branding her a dirty filthy whore who sleeps with everyone.

Ritag said that despite always posing with Rickman as her boyfriend, she’s not in love with him and has cheated on him countless times.

Ritah said that she has a video of Sheila having sex with Uganda Boxing Federation president Moses Muhangi in a car.

She also added that Sheila always goes to South Africa where she has sex with singer Face Off.

The blogger wasn’t done adding that Sheila also always has numerous threesomes with different men whenever she goes to Dubai.

“You travel to South Africa to sleep with Face Off. I even have a video of you in a car engaging in intercourse with Moses Muhangi. It was your friends you were with that recorded you who were standing outside. Whenever you go to Dubai, you engage in intercourse with different men. You are a very dirty girl and I have all the evidence to pin you. You don’t love Rickman but just front him for publicity stunts,” Ritah said in a Snapchat video directed at Sheila.

Sheila hasn’t yet come out to respond to these allegations.

Ritah however seems to have attacked Sheila due to her closeness with Bad Black who is a sworn enemy of the blogger.

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